Feature-Rich Forms

Drag & drop fields with the easy-to-use form designer

Multiple field templates

Add a date picker, drop down list, pop up search, multi-select list, multi-line text, and much more

Lookup lists

Populate drop down lists with data from other tables or lists

Autocomplete lookup lists

For large lists, start typing and Pistachio only displays the items in the drop down that match

Field validation

Flag required fields, length, type of data, input mask, or set a default value

Field grouping

Group and organize fields with tabs, stacks, steps, columns and rows

Dynamic rules

Use rules to hide or display fields and groups, set defaults, calculate totals, filter drop down lists and more

Context-specific help

Add instructions and field descriptions which can be displayed in the form when needed

Related tables

Include related data from other tables or lists, and edit the sub-table data directly inline or in a sub-form

Mobile ready

Forms automatically adapt to the viewing screen size by stacking fields and adding mobile-friendly navigation

Quick App Functionality

Pistachio automatically adds features to your form that let users
search, report, and export data in SharePoint lists and SQL tables.

Select the SharePoint lists or SQL Server tables to use

Select a SharePoint list or SQL Server table

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Configure how you want the information to display

Arrange the fields
on the form

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Pistachio automatically creates application features

Pistachio adds
application features

Create, read, update & delete data
add, edit and delete data

Data storage functions

Add new records and update or delete them, including data in related sub-tables and lists

Previous & next

Step through a list of records from within the form and update the data

Search across multiple lists and tables
Advanced search features

Search operators

Context-specific operators are displayed for each field, like >, < and in-between for numbers or month-to-date, days ago and a calendar for dates

Multi-select Lists

Drop down lists automatically allow a user to select more than one item to use in the search

Saved queries

Save your favorite search criteria and use it at any time - the latest data will be retrieved when you use it again

Browse and export the resulting list
Browse the results and export to Excel

Results list

Display query results in an interactive data sheet, page through the results, sort on any column, or see the row's details in a form


Export the full or filtered list as a CSV or HTML file

Saved exports

Save the export parameters like fields and filter and re-use them any time

Configure reports and pivot tables
Configure reports and pivot tables in SharePoint

Field selector

Choose the fields to summarize through a drag and drop interface

Interactive results grid

Data is summarized at the intersecting rows and columns, and cells, rows and columns can be expanded to view the underlying data


Export the pivot data to a CSV or HTML file

Saved pivots

Save the pivot table definition so it can be used at any time - the latest data will be retrieved and displayed

Granular Security

Multi-Level Roles

Create roles with specific rights to add, modify, delete, search, view and export

Record-Level Security

Control access to records based on specific attributes, like department or owner

Central Console

Manage all access to your data from a central console

Active Directory Integration

Integrate directly into Microsoft's Active Directory to authenticate users and grant groups access

Access and Change History

Track access and changes to your data