Field Default Values

March 16, 2014 , by

For each applicable field in the data model, one can specify a default value to be populated for the field.  In addition, the field can be set to read-only and/or hidden so that the user doesn't have control over the field. The default value applies only to add interface.

You can provide a literal string or a numeric value to the default field. In addition you can specify certain placeholders which are described below:

- now = DateTime.UTCNOW
- user_name = User name of the logged in user
- user_id = Internal Pistachio User Id of the logged in user
- user_ad_guid = The ActiveDirectory GUID of the logged in user.

When applying default values to multiple choice type fields like select, check box and radio buttons, you will need to supply the database value. For example, you have a select field to display Marital Status - UnMarried(Database Value = 0) and Married (Datbase Value = 1). If you would like the default Marital Status to be UnMarried, you will set the default value to be 0.