Multiple Choice Fields

March 16, 2014 , by

Field template types of "Multiple Choice Fields" allows you to render a select, multiselect, radio and checkboxes. You may specify a variety of lookup settings that control the data contained in these template types. For these template types, an additional tab of Data Lookup is presented.

The above configuration tells to render a select box. The dropdown list will come from the table tDepartment. The display value of the options will be derived from the Name field. The data value of the options will be derived from the DeaprtmentId field. Similarly this field can be easily converted into - Select Multiple, Checkbox, Radio just by changing the template type.

  • Lookup Table Name is used to specify the lookup table for the structure element. This is automatically populated using the Application's data source.
  • Filtering Query - A WHERE clause that can be used to filter the lookup list. For eg, if you wanted to list only active deaprtments and your table had Active field, you would put WHERE Active = 'True'
  • Field to Display is used to specify the database field that will be displayed in the list of values.
  • Field to Sort On can be used to specify a field within the lookup table that holds the ordering of the lookup table entries; if none is specified, then the ordering will default to the Field to display
  • Field to Group By can be used to group the entries in the lookup table using the value from another database field.
  • Field to Save is used to specify the database field in the lookup table that will provide that actual value that the field will be set to.