Partner Program

Our partners provide a far broader reach and
personalized implementation services

We consider partnerships a key component to our success in delivering Pistachio-based customer solutions. Partners can provide a far broader reach and provide personalized implementation services. It is important for us to work with a partner that shares common business values with us, more so than ones based on sales volume alone. Our partner program aims to support partners that are:

  • Committed to providing the right solution for their customers, not be the most profitable
  • Loved and trusted by their customers
  • Competent in SharePoint and common-sense practices
  • Helping users be more productive and self-sufficient

Partners are typically SharePoint service providers and implementers – these recommend, design, build and deploy SharePoint solutions to their customers. We also partner with SharePoint solution developers – ones that build specific vertical/horizontal solutions for SharePoint.


Get in touch with us to find out more about the features and benefits of being a Pistachio partner.
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